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In just 60 seconds, you can hear me get all commercially and voicey. This great demo was produced by the wondrous Ed Cunningham at Ed's ChopShop, and it was a blast to work on with him! Please take a listen if you have literally 60 seconds to spare and share (and you know you do):

In the Snickers ad with Johnny Manziel!

Look for me in the front row of Johnny Manziel's aerobics class in the Snickers "Johnny Jamboogie" commercial. Teal leotard, dark blue horizontal striped leggings with black belt and matching headband, thank you very much. My backside gets a lot of air time in this one, folks. YOU'RE WELCOME.

If you don't catch it on TV, check it out on the Snickers Channel on YouTube. Yup, Snickers has their own YouTube channel. Because it Satisfies(tm)!

Comcast Office Lady!

You might catch me in a Comcast TV spot, as the stern office lady leading a meeting in a conference room. I'm the one that doesn't have my head shaved. Yup.