"Power in the Blood" at Alliance Rep in Burbank...

The play "Power in the Blood" at The Alliance Rep Theatre Co was a fun show, with an extended run that closed Sept 17. It's a drama set in the deep South about a young boy who has the stigmata, and how people in his life exploit him. Or do they...? I played the boy's boozed-up, oversexed sister. FUN!

Thanks to all who came to see the show!

As Sister, the angular Deb Hiett is a house-rattling find. -- LOS ANGELES TIMES 8/5/05

This production is strong in performances, particularly
supporting player Deb Hiett as Ezekiel's barfly half-sister.... -- LA WEEKLY 8/4/05

The sister is an over-sexed alcoholic (a strong performance by Deb Hiett) who torments her brother by saying he’s a freak and no more than a religious hysteric. -- TOLUCAN TIMES 8/4/05