In Pasadena's Boston Court Theatre's "Government Inspector" in August!

On Monday August 6 and Wednesday August 8, I'll be playing the role of "Osif" in Pasadena's Boston Court Theatre's hilarious production of "The Government Inspector!" Shows are at 8:00 p.m., and stay tuned for the chance to get your tickets.

A World Premiere Adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's The Inspector General
Original adaptation by Oded Gross
Directed by Stefan Novinski

"The corrupt, self-seeking officials of a small town in Tzarist Russia mistake a penniless clerk for a Government Inspector, and chaos, recrimination, and retribution ensue. This classic satire on human vanity and the corruption of elected officials is more relevant today than ever. Re-envisioned as a cutting, tragic farce with influences from Monty Python and Brazil, this painful, hilarious investigation of people’s characters gone to seed makes for hysterical comedy with a good dose of soul."

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