"Open House" in Two Upcoming Festivals!

Perhaps you're reading this blog from a homey spot in Hamilton, Ontario. Or maybe you're perched someplace lovely in Perth, Australia. It's possible you're wishing you had something new and truly fun to look forward to. What a crazy coincidence: y'all are in luck!

My short film "Open House" is an official selection in The Hamilton Comedy Film Festival (Oct 1-3, 2015) and Australia's 18th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival (Oct 23-25, 2015 in Perth, plus a tour throughout Australia in 2016)! Both these festivals promise nothing but hilarity and joy. And don't we all need just a bit more hilarity and joy right now, for heaven's sake?

Yes. Yes, we do.

If you're able to attend either of these fun-fests, please clap and cheer extra loudly for "Open House" -- the quirky little short that could!  (And if you happen to be able to attend both these festivals, you are the focus of my extreme jealousy, so, congrats!)