"The Escape Thingy" is a Semifinalist for the 2018 Bay Area Playwrights Festival

So thrilled that my new play "The Escape Thingy" is a Semifinalist in the prestigious Bay Area Playwrights Festival. I'm honored to be selected among over the 700 submissions for their 41st annual festival. I have also been entered into the BAPF pool of writers that are considered for the other developmental opportunities at Playwrights Foundation, including their monthly Rough Reading Series.

New Play "The Escape Thingy" Finalist for 2018-2019 Reva Shiner Comedy Award

So proud that my play "The Escape Thingy" is a Finalist for the 2018-2019 Reva Shiner Comedy Award! Ten finalists were selected from over 1,000 submissions by Bloomington Playwrights Project. What a wonderful honor. 

In this 5-person comedy, two very different couples meet in an "Escape Room" game night, each needing very different types of escape. The clock is literally ticking as they attempt to solve the puzzles, distinguish facts from alternative facts, and weigh the risks of unlocking the door to the dangerous world outside.

This new play, written as part of the Playwrights Union New Play Challenge 2017, is also a Semifinalist for the 2018 Ashland New Play Festival and the 2018 Bay Area Playwrights Festival.

Appearing on FX's "Baskets" Tuesday March 6!

Check your local listings for FX's "Baskets" next week -- I'll be appearing in the "Woman's Conference" episode. SUCH fun working with the generous and kind Louie Anderson. And wonderful to meet Jackie Garcia (playing "Jan") as well as these two talented gentlemen.

You can see the clips on my updated acting reel HERE.

Clearly, it's a very difficult job, but somebody has to do it. 


LIVE on "SAYS YOU!" Public Radio Show 2/18

So excited to be a panelist on the public radio show "Says You!" on Sunday, Feb 18!  I LOVE games, and word games especially. Here's the description from the show's website: "Take one word, add two teams, create three definitions and throw in a live audience. And, that’s Says You! – the last word in radio quiz shows since 1996. If you could play badminton with words, it would sound much like Says You!"

Count. Me. In.

And if you're not sure if you're local station carries "Says You" then check here. OR you can always just listen to the podcast after we air, which will be available via iTunes, Google Play, or via the Says You! app. (I'll post a link here once it is uploaded.)

Wish me luck! I plan to sleep on my dictionary the night before so that I'll be prepared. I am quite sure that will yield excellent results.

NYC Casting for My New Play "Miss Keller Has No Second Book"

Met so many wonderful, talented, generous actors and actresses while in New York and casting for the world premiere of "Miss Keller Has No Second Book." It was a fast trip made easy by the amazing casting director Michael Cassara and his team. Looking forward to getting into rehearsals in early March at Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples, FL, with our opening night set for March 31. Thanks to all who auditioned for us!


In just 60 seconds, you can hear me get all commercially and voicey. This great demo was produced by the wondrous Ed Cunningham at Ed's ChopShop, and it was a blast to work on with him! Please take a listen if you have literally 60 seconds to spare and share (and you know you do):

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone an energetic and magical new year! Dreams do come true...

Obligatory trailer selfie while shooting a few days on a wonderful sitcom -- more details when it airs in March 2018...

Obligatory trailer selfie while shooting a few days on a wonderful sitcom -- more details when it airs in March 2018...

Reading new work with the amazing Dakin Matthews at the Antaeus Playwrights Lab

Reading new work with the amazing Dakin Matthews at the Antaeus Playwrights Lab

Nominated for BROADWAY WORLD Awards!

My play, "The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!" has been nominated for "Best Play" by BroadwayWorld (Los Angeles Regional)! I'm also thrilled that the production (by Rogue Machine Theatre) garnered nominations for Best Actor in a Play (Mark L. Taylor), Best Leading Actress in a Play (Bonnie Bailey-Reed), Best Featured Actress in a Play (Victoria Ortiz and Paula Christensen), and Best Sound Design by Chris Moscatiello.

If you'd like to cast your vote for us, CLICK THIS LINK, enter your email, and follow the prompts: 


Thanks for the support!


On "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Sunday 11/5 on HBO

Had a great time shooting a scene with Larry David for "Curb Your Enthusiasm!" Episode 6 of season 9 airs this Sunday November 5 at 10 pm on HBO. I played a Gate Agent who is just trying her best to do her job. Such fun improv-ing this scene and working with the lovely and generous Mr. David.

Here's the teaser for the episode:


I'm grateful my play "The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!" is recognized today by StageSceneLA:

  • Top 10 World Premiere Plays of 2016-2017
  • Outstanding Production: Comedy
  • Star-Making Performance in a Play (Victoria Ortiz)
  • Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Comedy Role (Mark Taylor)
  • Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Comedy Role (Bonnie Bailey-Reed)
  • Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Featured Comedy Role (Paula Christensen)
  • Outstanding Direction (Cameron Watson)
  • and Outstanding Production Design (Kate Bergh, Jared A. Sayeg, Stephanie Kerley Schwartz, Chris Mosciatello and the whole Rogue Machine gang especially Amanda and Michelle!).

Thank you John P. Flynn and Cameron for giving my play the wonderful opportunity of being born, and thank you Steven Stanley for the support. Really truly grateful.

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