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We're Up! Get Your Tickets Now!

OVATION RECOMMENDED! "The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!" opened to a sold-out house last Saturday night (complete with standing ovation!), and the reviews are starting to come in: 

Ingenious... -- Los Angeles Times

No matter who got your vote in this past week’s elections, Deb Hiett’s comedy gem will have you laughing out loud, wiping away tears, and standing up to cheer. I can’t think of better theatrical medicine to help heal wounds and bring us together this fall than The Super Variety Match Bonus Round! -- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

Deb Hiett’s new play, The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!, is a seventy-five minute wonder. Under the keen direction of Cameron Watson, [it's] a delicious, face-paced comedy with a soft, touching heart...  -- Paul Myrvold, Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes

Please GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Discount tickets available on Goldstar here for this weekend's shows (runs Sat night 8:30, Sun 3:00, Mondays 8:30). Support live theater!

"The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!" at Rogue Machine Theatre in L.A.!

Wonderful news! L.A.'s celebrated Rogue Machine Theatre will be producing a world premiere of my newest play, "The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!" this fall. Directed by beloved director Cameron Watson and scheduled to open November 5, this rollicking comedy explores the risks of desperate love, the exemplary form of the 1970s game show, and the psychedelic side effects of fear your doctor may not have warned you about. 

Check back here for more details about the design team, the cast, and how to see this funny, thoughtful, brand new show.