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Watch "Batsh*t Valley Parts 1 and 2" on IFC.COM now!

Written by Seth Meyers, this two-part season premiere episode of “Documentary Now!” spoofs the Netflix documentary “Wild Wild Country.” It will be broadcast on IFC on Feb 20, but for a limited time you can watch it online free HERE.


I play Marge Middleton, mayor of the tiny Oregon town taken over by the cult (led by Ra-Shawbard, played by Owen Wilson). The episodes also star the hilarious Michael Keaton and Necar Zedegan. Great cast and crew, and so much fun to shoot. Kudos to the makeup and hair wizards — every prosthetic waddle and sprayed-on age spot made Marge who she is!!

Watch the show online today!

The New York Times Critics pick "Documentary Now"

The New York Times Critics wrote about the 10 things they’re looking forward to the most in 2019, and I’m in one of them!

Look for me in the Season Premiere of IFC’s “Documentary Now” on February 20, when I’m starring in “Batsh!t Valley,” a two-episode spoof of Netflix’s “Wild Wild Country.” Seth Meyers wrote the hilarious episodes, which feature Michael Keaton, Owen Wilson, Necar Zedegan, and Gary Kraus, too.

So you have time to go watch the actual documentary, but you certainly won’t have to have seen it in order to enjoy our take on it. Set your recorders for Feb 20, and check out to stream them after that!

Appearing in Upcoming "Documentary Now!"


UPDATE: MY TWO EPISODES WILL BE THE SEASON PREMIERE of “DOCUMENTARY NOW” on February 20, 2019! Set your DVRs for the IFC channel that night, or check out IFC.COM for more. The episodes are called “Batsh!t Valley, Parts 1 & 2!”


Soon you’ll be seeing me in “Documentary Now!”, the brilliant IFC show that parodies classic documentaries. I’m featured in next season’s two-episode spoof of “Wild Wild Country” which was written by Seth Meyers and stars Michael Keaton, Owen Wilson, and Necar Zadegan. Exact air date TBD but check back for more info and behind-the-scenes pictures!

So thrilled that I’ve been able to part of all three seasons of this amazingly creative show, directed by Alex Buono and Rhys Thomas. Check me out in Season 1’s “The Eye Doesn’t Lie” (which spoofs “The Thin Blue Line”) and season 2’s “Parker Gail’s Location is Everything” (which spoofs Spaulding Gray’s “Swimming to Cambodia”), both available online.

Appearing on IFC's "Documentary Now!" with Bill Hader -- Season 2, Episode 3

Check local listings (or visit to watch a stellar episode of Season 2 of "Documentary Now!" with the brilliant Bill Hader, Wednesday September 28. I play a small (but extremely important!) role. 

Episode 3, "Parker Gail's Location is Everything" riffs on Spalding Gray's "Swimming to Cambodia" film (1984, Jonathan Demme, director). It's particularly meaningful to me because I love Spalding Gray's work, and it reminds me of moving to New York City in the 1980s and being inspired to write my own performance pieces. This episode nails Spalding's free association writing and performance style perfectly -- it's less a spoof than an homage, really.

It was a thrill to be invited back this season to work with Bill and directors Alex Buono and Rhys Thomas. Check it out and enjoy!

On IFC's "Documentary Now!" Thursday Sept 10!

Take a look at the trailer for the "Documentary Now!" episode 4, "The Eye Doesn't Lie" with Fred Armisen, Dale Dickey, and featuring my exquisite eye shadow:

That little neckerchief bit on the blouse was detachable, y'all. They do not make them like that anymore. And by that I mean I think they are not allowed to make that "fabric" from so many 2-liter Pepsi bottles anymore. Like, it might be against the law now. But, still. DETACHABLE.

Be sure to watch Thursday, Sept 10 on IFC. Only two more episodes in this first amazing season of the show!