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Appearing on IFC's "Documentary Now!" with Bill Hader -- Season 2, Episode 3

Check local listings (or visit to watch a stellar episode of Season 2 of "Documentary Now!" with the brilliant Bill Hader, Wednesday September 28. I play a small (but extremely important!) role. 

Episode 3, "Parker Gail's Location is Everything" riffs on Spalding Gray's "Swimming to Cambodia" film (1984, Jonathan Demme, director). It's particularly meaningful to me because I love Spalding Gray's work, and it reminds me of moving to New York City in the 1980s and being inspired to write my own performance pieces. This episode nails Spalding's free association writing and performance style perfectly -- it's less a spoof than an homage, really.

It was a thrill to be invited back this season to work with Bill and directors Alex Buono and Rhys Thomas. Check it out and enjoy!